Framer X Tips

over 4 years ago from Linton Ye, Founder at jimu Labs

  • Clarissa H., over 4 years ago

    thanks for posting the source file for the animation example. very helpful

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    • Linton Ye, over 4 years ago

      cheers! Let me know what else you'd like to build!

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      • Clarissa H., over 4 years ago

        what are your thoughts on developer handoff? I'm sure Framer is working on a better solution, but right now I'm hesitant to diving into Framer X.

        I need a way to deliver design specs to my devs. I know you can share code but what about specs like

        this component should be 16 pixels from the left.

        would love your insight, thanks in advance.

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        • Linton Ye, over 4 years ago

          That's a great question Clarissa!

          I need to think about it and probably write a blog post. I also hope someone from the Framer team will chime in and shed some light.

          Some rough thoughts. I think the ultimate goal is "no handoff" at all. A designer would directly make changes to components that are shared between design and engineering. Any specs can be (and should be) expressed in code. And code should be the single source of truth. With Framer X, at least this is getting close in web projects based on React.

          Also, they've mentioned that everything you build in Framer X could be exported to React code. This might be useful as a developer handoff feature. Instead of handing off specs, you hand off components. Devs can take the components, either directly use them, or use the metrics inside to rebuild them. We'll see how this will evolve.

          I understand there are other projects that are not based on React, or mobile native apps etc. In those cases, I think it'd be great if Framer X allows integration with tools such as Zeplin. Again, we'll see how this will evolve!

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