Which one is best for UI Designers? Trackpad & Mouse & Touchpad?

5 years ago from Ali Demirci, Freelancer Web Designer (Themeforest)

  • Hangyás Gergely, 5 years ago

    As many of us described below it really depends on your personal preference, on the physical tools and softwares you use on a regular basis.

    I had used MM for 4 years mostly for UI design. I never had a problem with it until I had to create some complex illustrations, and the pain in my neck was unbearable after a few days. The pain went away after switching to the MacBook's touch pad -- which can be pretty good, if you are not using multiple screens and have drawings/sketchbook in front of you all the time. :) I knew that I need a mouse.

    Although I was afraid of the gamer look, since I switched to MX Master 2S I have no pain and it works like a charm, I don't even think about it -- compared to MM where I always had the feeling that I need to move a teeny-tiny product that does not fit in my palm.

    The only thing I REALLY miss is the smooth horizontal scroll which is pretty lame on MX Master.

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