Which one is best for UI Designers? Trackpad & Mouse & Touchpad?

5 years ago from Ali Demirci, Freelancer Web Designer (Themeforest)

  • Ashish BogawatAshish Bogawat, 5 years ago

    Personally, I prefer a mouse when using design tools like Sketch, Figma, etc., but the Mac trackpad is more than sufficient for everything else.

    For the mouse, I recommend using a big, ergonomic mouse like the Logitech MX Master. The Apple Magic Mouse is an absolute disaster from an ergonomic perspective. I have one sitting in my drawer for years now. Never could figure out how people use it without getting wrist pain within minutes.

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    • Ali DemirciAli Demirci, 5 years ago

      I like big, ergonomic mouse but they doesn't support gestures, non-touch. I got used to navigate sketch file with touch.

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      • Alan Lavery, 5 years ago

        I've just moved from a Magic Mouse to a Logitech MX Master and I have gestures set up with the secondary buttons and scroll wheel. I was afraid of the same thing but since moving it's been so easy and the Logitech mouse is a much better shape than the Apple mouse.

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    • Omer BalyaliOmer Balyali, 5 years ago

      It's a subjective topic... I'm using Magic Mouse nearly since it was released, and recently I tried a colleague's Logitech MX 2 Master for only a day, and the next 3 days I had really bad wrist pain. (It wasn't some tingling, it was really bad carpal tunnel pain) So in that terms, Logitech MX Master is an ergonomic disaster, for me.

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