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    Thanks! Some details:

    • Steps and weight data go to Healthkit, which I then upload data from using an iOS app (no easy API I could find for that — I used to use Numerous which has since shut down)

    • Productivity is coming from Rescuetime, which I highly recommend as a way to keep track of how you're spending time at a high level. "Productive" time is defined by category and customizable by you (for me, code/design/reading is productive, social media and email are not)

    • Medium posts coming via a Medium RSS feed, books coming via Goodreads API

    • Grid is all CSS grid and Tachyons. Highly recommend CSS grid — this was my fist time using it for a full project and it's very easy to lay things out. Small tip, start from mobile and work to desktop, even if desktop is more complicated/customized. I did the opposite and ended up with lots of edge cases on mobile

    • Themes done with very little Javascript and CSS variables, and were inspired by these color swatches usually seen on packaging

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