Abstract Redesign(goabstract.com)

5 years ago from Jim Silverman, Product Designer

  • Raphael LoderRaphael Loder, 5 years ago

    The main thing I don't really understand is the mismatch between marketing site and product.

    The marketing site is very "ornamental" (as Scott Liang in this thread put it), yet the app is pragmatism in it's fullest form. It's one of the best designed apps out there, I would even say. It becomes full UI chrome and let's me and my work be the focus of attention.

    This mismatch already happened with the Dropbox redesign where the "brand" (apart from the illustrations) never influenced the product itself. Is that actually wished for or why does this happen?

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    • Vince SchwidderVince Schwidder, 5 years ago

      Definitely agree with Raphael here. Sometimes it feels that these redesigns are solely done to get attention, and maybe even negative press.

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