What's your thought on design tasks for a job application?

5 years ago from Anmol Bahl, UX Designer - Feminist | Say hi@anmolbahl.com

  • Andrew C, 5 years ago

    Genuinely asking: Why should you be compensated for this? It's a simple demonstration of your ability the same as anyone else does?

    If it's an assignment that can't be used afterwards there's zero risk of it being spec work.

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    • GOOD LUCKGOOD LUCK, 5 years ago

      Hey! sure, I will try to explain my perspective.

      Let's start from that I have no issues if the results of those test will be used or not, I would even prefer that someone can use them in some way (a small satisfaction at least).

      Doing job tests for free is no different than participating in "popular" competitions for 99designs (and similar websites). Same rules, one winner (fulltime position | job for $100), multiple players. In both cases, people's time is taken from their lives.

      What if this is the "opportunity of a lifetime"? For me, a simple answer - NOPE!, because I know already who I dealing with and I definitelly don't want to be part of that organization. But I understand some people doing the opposite, there are lots of different contexts.

      So, as an employer, you show a lack of respect for the future employee, doing the same thing what your clients doing to you (SPEC prospect jobs). It is a circle that needs to be stopped or at least minimalized.

      By offering paid tests you show that your intentions are serious (we are really interested in you) and give positive vibes to the future employee, who definitely appreciate it and willing to give you better services in the future, as well as the tests results. What you showing is that you respect people and their time, and this beneficial in many ways.

      Since the test might be a good way to evaluate candidates, I feel the proper way is to take the person and put it in the team for a couple of weeks, only then it will be clear if this is a good fit or not. The "how he thinks" might be ok (evaluated by tests), but "how kind of person he/she is" might be a totally differetn story.

      Hard subject as you know. For me, free tests are the RED light. Fortunately more and more companies doing this in a proper way by paying people. ;)

      I wish all of us can experience that kind of treatment in the future. Peace!

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