Apple Watch Series 4 revealed — massive display, dense watch face, more(

almost 5 years ago from Matt Stuhff, Customer service geek obsessed with technology.

  • John PJohn P, almost 5 years ago

    Back in the day they said that the Watch is more important than the iPhone for them

    Think they'd say the same today?

    So i think at the moment their final vision is to have a Watch which drives parts of the Glasses

    I could definitely see that as a possibility, not sure you'd still need the screen on it though.

    Of course that's assuming the glasses work perfect enough that a real LCD screen no longer matters as much.Check out the project Northstar demos to see what I mean.

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    • Jan SemlerJan Semler, almost 5 years ago

      Quite interessting approach, regarding the LCD there is already technologie under way called microLED and they bought a AR company in mai this year.

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