Remote Work Study 2018: The Anywhere Workers(

over 5 years ago from Leif Abraham, Co-CEO, Co-Founder AND.CO (acq. $FVRR)

  • JR HalchakJR Halchak, over 5 years ago

    I'm no longer a designer as I went the engineering route but I've worked between 90-100% remotely for the past couple years and what you describe is a common problem I have on the other end.

    It sounds like your team isn't remote-as-first-class-citizens or results-only. I may be wrong, but it sounds like you're a local team who has added on a few remote guys after the fact.

    Remote's not for everyone, but it helps when the company works like a remote team, even locally. My problems have always been lack of decision tracking (water-cooler decision making), unlogged communication, not understanding how to have remote meetings, not using the tools available to centralize planning/decisions/etc.

    All of those things are beneficial to an onsite-only team but they can kill remote workers. Honestly my main problem is the company starts to treat you (as a remote worker) like your hours are 12AM-11:59PM. But I like the flexibility.

    If it's taking you twice (or fifteen times) as long to explain things and you regulary get "Internet/power's out" happening then maybe you just did get a bad bunch though... or they need to communicate better and move to a better location.

    I'm a remote and results-only apologist and zealot though so take it with a grain of salt.

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