Aren’t there too many design formats?

5 years ago from Vu Hoang Anh, CEO & Co-founder at Avocode

  • Andrew C, 5 years ago

    "I realized that while there is a lot of new UI screen design tools hoping to “solve it all”, their quantity and variety slows down the overall innovation."

    Uhh no. The more choice the more innovation, generally. You yourself as positioning a new tool as "open" against a conglomerate of closed ones.

    Perhaps these "stop using print to solve screen!" companies aren't doing it right because they're closed off but that's a different problem. IMO Sketch already opened up its file format enough (enough that entire companies like yours can succeed and build functionality by simply parsing it). It's one of the principal reasons I really like Sketch.

    The competition right now is great. I don't see anything wrong with a standard either, mind you, but I'd be very surprised if a company like InVision (SUPER aggressive and thirsty for customers) would ever want to contribute to that.

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