Web Design for Graphic Designers

over 5 years ago from Ermin Celikovic, Web Developer

  • Tyler Fowler, over 5 years ago

    Sometimes skill sets overlap. These days a graphic designer likely is fluent in creating assets for both print and digital spaces. Creating assets has nothing to do with 'web design' other than physical/digital dimensions of an object.

    When possible, I export assets from Illustrator as an svg for the web and this makes sizing issues much easier to manage. A web designer is likely a 'front-end web developer' which may not have excellent graphic design skills (an eye for it, basically) but is fully fluent in being able to manipulate html/css to create the desired effects.

    It would take years of working in both to be extremely competent all-around and most individuals either don't have the eye for design or are bored to death by trying to learn to code - so that is likely the reason you see people fall into one category or the other.

    Graphic designers think visually first, so it's important when learning to be able to quickly see the effects of your changes. Tumblr is a good place to practice.

    W3 Schools is a great resource for all the basics. https://www.w3schools.com/htmL/html_responsive.asp

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