Web Design for Graphic Designers

over 5 years ago from Ermin Celikovic, Web Developer

  • Dean HaydenDean Hayden, over 5 years ago

    Speak their language and start with common themes;

    • Hierarchy
    • Pace
    • Space
    • Ratios
    • Grid
    • Typography
    • Colour
    • Legibility / accessibility

    Highlight what's different

    • Fluid canvas (no fixed size, people scroll)
    • Layout needs to accommodates various devices (responsiveness)
    • Interactions
    • Think journeys rather than pages
    • Being modular

    Learn from others

    • Observe design choices
    • Get them to think about their own online experiences
    • Study design guides and how they're applied

    Just do

    • Apply what they already know
    • Experiment with the bland and the bold
    • Think beyond a flashy landing page, think about long-form content
    • Get them to open flat designs in a browser to see designs in-situ (much like printing a page to see if it visually works and the right choices have been made)
    • Use the tools you want
    • Start to learn the new tools

    Whilst not specific, it's a pretty good list of topics to cover in my opinion.

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