Suffering from RSI, looking for advice.

over 4 years ago from M. de Winter, UX lead @ m2mobi

  • Koos Looijesteijn, over 4 years ago

    I used to be active in an RSI prevention group. At that time I learned that RSI is a mental stress issue presenting itself as a physical problem. This is worsened by a whole (mostly well intended) industry of ergonomic gadget makers. In some countries (I believe Australia is one of them), RSI doesn’t even exist in medical stats.

    It’s not that the gadgets, desks and better posture don’t help. But most people don’t get RSI from doing without. If they help, I believe it is just it is a physical change that lets you use your body differently, elleviating stress from the parts that were suffering before. Also any intervention can make you more conscious of your posture, making you more mindful if you will. That reduces stress and would actually cause the improvement.

    I’m all for ergonomic workstations though, they have all kinds of other health benefits. But for most people that are not using some sort of extremely unergonomic hardware, mental relaxation is most important. I’m not talking about watching TV or something, but proper, active relaxing. Mindfulness meditation, walking in a green environment, being with people you love. This is also why sports can be effective. Besides the physical, it takes your mind off of stressful stuff.

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