Suffering from RSI, looking for advice.

almost 5 years ago from M. de Winter, UX lead @ m2mobi

  • Steve HickeySteve Hickey, almost 5 years ago

    So I tried just about everything that's been listed so far in here. Each thing helped a little in it's own way, but one thing helped above all others:

    Wearing wrist braces while I sleep.

    I've been dealing with this for over 3 years. Wearing the braces to sleep seems to be what finally got my left wrist back to about 99%, where I almost never feel any problems with it any more. As recently as 3 months ago I started wearing them on my right wrist again, which started off far worse. I was resigned to it never being 100% again, but wearing the braces to bed again seems to have got me to the point where I don't feel either wrist any more.

    My doctor's theory was that I fold my wrists/hands up underneath me when I sleep, completely negating valuable healing time. Wearing the braces gave me 8-9 hours of uninterrupted healing time each day. In combination with all the other things listed here I went from "Oh crap what if I can't ever work again?" to feeling 99%+ even when I have heavy periods of production work at my job.

    I recommend giving it a try. Don't get the crazy stretchy ones that snug up real tight either. Get the big, dorky "I sprained my wrist" ones and wear them slightly looser than feels reasonable. Restricting blood flow while you sleep might impair healing.

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