Suffering from RSI, looking for advice.

almost 5 years ago from M. de Winter, UX lead @ m2mobi

  • Ben Grace, almost 5 years ago

    Things that have helped me are 1) stretching 2) understanding trigger points 3) working out

    1) lots of good resources if you google. Understanding how stretching and working on trigger points are reciprocal is important.

    2) This book is really helpful The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook

    Best advice I can give is to find a really good massage therapist that understands myofascial release. WAY more beneficial in my opinion that seeing a doctor. Doctors are not as helpful with RSI IMO. I'd recommend doing this right now. Pay the money for several sessions. Invest in your body, ask them questions on what you can do at home on your own.

    I use a lacrosse ball or a theracane for trigger points. I find mine start on the sides of my back, my neck and down my forearms. ALL of these trigger points relate to my wrist and hand.

    3) Work out. Find a good mix of exercises and especially do ones that are opposite than what you do all day long. If you click down on the mouse, do an opposite exercise that pushes up. This helps you balance.

    Also, get your body into a good ergonomic position throughout the day, but also find excuses to move. Sit and stand. Drink lots of water so you HAVE to take bathroom breaks.

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    • M. de Winter, almost 5 years ago

      This comment is so useful! Thank you so much.

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    • perfume lperfume l, almost 5 years ago

      Another vote for learning about trigger point - or massaging in general.

      You can stretch and strengthen muscle all you want. But you know that feeling, that annoying ache & pain, deep down somewhere in your muscle,...that refuse to go away no matter how hard you stretching.

      It relieved by massaging the trigger point! :) Really recommended!

      EDIT: Some commenter mention TMS, and how our mind related to our injury. After reading some success stories, I have to say that I'm really eager to try!

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