Experiences with switching from Adobe to Affinity

over 5 years ago from Jens Roels, Team Lead Experience Design

  • Benjamin ArnedoBenjamin Arnedo, over 5 years ago

    I've been using affinity as soon as it was announced. I'm happy to say that my computer is now 90% adobe free. I also do motion graphics and I've found that Apple motion can do 95% of all the things I need from motion and I've developed a very neat workflow between Affinity and Apple motion. I agree it could be WAY better (I currently have to do some extra steps to animate vectors with PDF) but it works for me. As to the apps itself...I love them. And every designer that i've converted is really happy. Never looked back. They are VERY fast and easy to use (I've instructed my elder mother in law to use designer and she uses it almost every day for her church group) I'm really looking forward to Affinity publisher for magazine and website layouts so I can finally unninstall Adobe InDesign.

    I've also downloaded both apps for the ipad pro...And I can say that I've finally found one app that works seamlessly between portable device and computer. The only caveat I see in the ipad version of affinity is the font management, which affinity can't be held accountable for..it's just an ipad issue.

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