Redesigned my portfolio, feedback appreciated.

over 5 years ago from Ivo Mynttinen, Lead Designer at Everchron

  • Ivo MynttinenIvo Mynttinen, over 5 years ago

    Hey Matrik, thanks for the feedback.

    since you've personalised the text with your signature (correct me if I'm wrong) I think your snap will just add high-value to it.

    Have you probably checked out the screenshots of my previous designs? Because the new site has no signature anymore. For the new version I replaced that somewhat not relevant header picture of my fake office by actual work, which is, in my opinion more important than how I look like.

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    • Maitrik Kataria, over 5 years ago

      My bad Ivo! I think I checked the previous version's screenshots. However, the overall look and feel of the new website is cool.

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