Pain points for designers in 2018?

5 years ago from John Low, Developer BBA

  • Maitrik Kataria, 5 years ago

    Okay, so let's look at each situation,

    1. An Agency providing design services to start-ups, enterprises:

    An interfacing platform that builds a communication pathway that connects product creators and the design team at all stages of the project. So, at any point in the design process the progress, review of pending and accomplished tasks, deadlines, comments can be viewed.

    Product Creators: Decision-makers who are going to take the leverage of the product/service/software Design Team: Leaders, account managers, PMs, researchers, UXers, copywriters and developers

    1. A Designer within an Enterprise/Start-up/SME:

    A tool that with two distinct features a. For the management to feed their vision behind the change in design b. For the designer to visually present the differences between the existing and improvised design, its benefits and his/her vision behind it.

    It can further have other personnel involved in the process.

    How's this helpful? This could reduce the differences between the decision-makers and designers from the beginning of the project enabling smooth functioning after the commencement of the project.

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