Digital Design — { Now Truly Cross-Platform }(

almost 5 years ago from Vlad Shvets, Co-Founder @ Phase

  • Andrew C, almost 5 years ago

    Interesting. I watched the demo. The biggest thing for me as a Design Director that emphasizes research and user testing was the ability to rapidly prototype.

    I’m not really convinced with the print-artboards-as-enemy ethos. Sketch does things v well too. Figma as well.

    But a system built around usability is an idea that could truly change the game.

    A couple of notes: - The video posted of the demo had like 40 minutes of downtime and filler. Post a trimmed version of just the demo by the salty lumberjack

    • Actual rigorous user testing needs video recording.

    • Flat designs split in to several artboards are easy for designers peeking in other designers’ files. Consideration for navigating and skimming visual work is a key benefit of this. Interactive components need help for designers to discover the breadth of a design.

    Ever had a designer give you one art board with layouts stacked in folders? A nightmare.

    • You touched on this a bit but a readable file format like Sketch provides is key. If other stuff can’t import your files this is a step back for the industry.
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