Digital Design — { Now Truly Cross-Platform }(

almost 5 years ago from Vlad Shvets, Co-Founder @ Phase

  • Vlad Shvets, almost 5 years ago

    Phase is real.

    In fact, we'd recently presented first ever Phase demo on a meetup in Berlin.

    Watch it here.

    You can watch us creating interactions with the basic building blocks of interactions. Same things that would take 5-15 min in code took us just 15 seconds.

    Companies and products before did promise certain things and deadlines - then failed to deliver.

    Trust us - that's not us.

    We're being super opened with the community about the status and progress on Phase. You can read the latest update here.

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    • Matt C, almost 5 years ago

      This was the world's most boring presentation. You're trying to pretend like you app is the first at doing any of these things instead of just getting to the meat of the product. The fact that you're dancing around what your app actually does leaves me highly skeptical.

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      • Vlad Shvets, almost 5 years ago

        We'd mentioned that some of the features are still being polished, but the "meat of the product" is there. Phase is really the first digital design tool to allow you create isolated interactions visually with dynamic selectors, styles, conditions (absolutely none design tools handle conditions, which is crazy).

        Thank you for the healthy skepticism though. Hopefully it'll dispel once we release the working products and you try it yourself :)

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