Best Email Clients 2018

over 5 years ago from Thibault Penin, Freelance Filmmaker

  • Patrick Haney, over 5 years ago

    As an HTML email designer/developer, I've tried all the email clients. Astro has been my daily client on macOS & iOS for a year now, and I doubt that will change.

    I've tried Polymail, Airmail, Apple Mail, Gmail, Outlook, Spark and Newton, among others. They're all pretty decent, and I did like Airmail for a while before moving to Polymail and then Astro. Newton didn't impress me for an app that requires a monthly/yearly fee.

    What I really miss is Mailbox, the email client from Dropbox that eventually went extinct. The way it turned your inbox into a to-do list was really helpful, and some of what Astro does reminds me of that. I don't use the AI too much in Astro, but the email account setup process is incredibly simple because of it.

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    • Thibault PeninThibault Penin, over 5 years ago

      I agree with you but there is one feature missing for Astro, color management for all inboxes mode. I submitted a feature request but I doubt they'll add it

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