Figma launches 3.0 with Styles, upgraded Prototyping, and a new Organization tier(

over 5 years ago from Josh Dunsterville, Designer building community at Figma

  • Michal Svoboda, 5 years ago

    Gratz Figma! Finally somebody did the style management as it should be done. All the time it was crystal clear what we need from a user point of view. I just wonder why it took so long for all this "new" UI/UX tools to come up with a right solution. The way Sketch is trying to tackle this problem feels really inconsistent. I feel overall lack of vision/big picture in the development of their product recently.

    Still Sketch user for this reasons: (most prio top)

    • layers/groups organization from simple third-party plugins "Rename It" and "Sort it" and symbol "Distributor"

    • loading time when opening a project

    • offline mode (I understand it's easier to be in the cloud for licensing purposes)

    • export to simple animation tools like invision studio/kite/anima and others

    But I'm looking at you Figma team and switching my workflow is more and more tempting (o;

    Btw (option for managing rounded corners globally restricted for "only all corners of shape" for easier implementation would be nice too)

    Good work

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