Figma launches 3.0 with Styles, upgraded Prototyping, and a new Organization tier(

over 5 years ago from Josh Dunsterville, Designer building community at Figma

  • Christopher Alan, over 5 years ago

    Is offline support a feature on the roadmap or is it not possible given the nature of the platform? I noticed I can export a .fig file but no way to open said file? Is it just meant for local backups?...

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    • Stan Marsh, over 5 years ago

      This is literally the only thing I'm waiting for before a full switch. Please make this happen

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      • Nikolas KleinNikolas Klein, over 5 years ago

        Right now a full offline mode including opening or importing files is not supported.

        If you're just looking at offline sessions like in the train or the airplane, open the file beforehand. Then you can edit this file offline.

        There is some more information here:

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        • Stan Marsh, over 5 years ago

          I didn't know this was possible, thanks! I'm not sure i can trust myself to remember the last step.. but it's awesome I can do this :)

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