Figma launches 3.0 with Styles, upgraded Prototyping, and a new Organization tier(

over 5 years ago from Josh Dunsterville, Designer building community at Figma

  • Teodor DecuTeodor Decu, over 5 years ago

    All these looovely features, but still can’t export a PDF.

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    • Nikolas KleinNikolas Klein, over 5 years ago

      We have this on our roadmap, but it will just take time to get there. PDF is not as easy of an export as SVG or PNG.

      There is an extension that uses our read api but I haven't tested it in detail.

      Hope that helps. :)

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    • Robin GoyalRobin Goyal, over 5 years ago

      Why would you even export UI in PDF format? PDF is for printing purposes. I don't think it's a need for a designer. It's only 'want' thing.

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      • Stan Marsh, over 5 years ago

        Because iOS uses PDF assets. At least the engineers I work with use them.

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      • Teodor DecuTeodor Decu, over 5 years ago

        Robin, I also love designing presentations in Figma, and sometimes you need a nice, crisp PDF. Exporting not-so-sharp JPG/PNG's and then making them a pdf isn't ideal.

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      • Doug OrchardDoug Orchard, over 5 years ago

        Actually, this would be good/great/amazing. Having to resync design in a .ppt/.pdf every time a PM decides last minute to add a new feature is a pain. Would love to create a presentation in Figma that I can share using the latest design.

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      • Rhys MerrittRhys Merritt, over 5 years ago

        iOS assets can be delivered in PDF format. For iOS devs, it's a great format to use

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