• Duke CavinskiDuke Cavinski, over 4 years ago

    Well, aesthetic preference is a very personal thing just built into people and everyone makes design choices every day, for better or worse (i.e. fashion, jewelry, etc.) so it just happens to be a communal activity. But again, that doesn't discount what is arguably good fashion, or good fashion designers.

    So you filter out the signal and noise. Most feedback I receive from non-designers is actually very good, but knowing the difference between good and bad feedback is a skill any good designer should be able to utilize.

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    • John Doe, over 4 years ago

      It's interesting to think about design in such a general way, but in the same way that a fashion designer and a web designer practice very different jobs and wouldn't be able to replace each other, people who make small daily design choices don't know everything about communication design because of it.

      I am finding that patience and capacity to deal with feedback one of the better qualities that a designer can have. However, in some cases that I've experienced, especially in graphic design, the feedback isn't very helpful and just creates unnecessary obstacles in providing a good solution for their needs.

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