• Todd FTodd F, over 4 years ago

    Everyone can be a photographer by taking a photo with their phone, but that doesn't mean that their photos are any good. In the same way it's the photographer's eye that makes their work valuable or not, the designer's aesthetic eye, combined with some craftsmanship in making things are what make the difference between being able to access and operate the tools at a rudimentary level and doing actual design work.

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    • John Doe, over 4 years ago

      I wouldn't say that someone who takes a photo with their phone is a photographer, in the same way that someone who draws a picture on Paint is not a designer or a painter.

      In any case, the hardest question to answer here is: what's the designer aesthetic eye? Is he born with it and it's not obtainable in any other way? That would mean that no, not everyone can be a designer.

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      • Alvaro Ruiz, over 4 years ago

        Everyone who takes a photo is a photographer. Everyone who design something is a designer. To be good or better at doing is something else. A good designer should have the skill to analyse and point why a bad design doesn't work. Usually bad skill are because are linked to subjective opinions. Understanding functionality and really solving problem with design is the key.

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