• Darren Treat, almost 5 years ago

    Nice site! For better or worse I did find that on skim read I felt like I learned more about the work you've done than about you. If I wasn't checking the URL or looking for hints, I probably wouldn't have known your last name. (Eric Blattberg is not stated within the body as anything other than an email address.)

    I challenge you to try to put your personal self-branding above the fold. Bonus points for adding an image inferring your facial features. This makes it easy to connect 'Eric' to a human being.

    Additionally, add a contact CTA above the fold (Even if it is just an autoscroll.). Sometimes people are coming knowing they want to talk to you; giving them the comfort & freedom to say 'no' to the sale on who you are will give them a no-distraction route to their priority.

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