• Benjamin Berger, almost 5 years ago

    Hey Eric, congrats on getting your portfolio out, I know the hard work to get this done! Also, great writing on the case studies, we can feel your process, it's pretty cool.

    Heres a few feedbacks :)

    • I found your main paragraph width a bit wide. Usually we say that the most legible width allows for 80 to 100 chars. I think you got more than 200.

    • I found your "About me" section oddly placed mainly because of your CTA. When I clicked on it, it scrolled down and I just passed your About section which made me feel like I was missing something.

    • I almost missed your button on the project cards, maybe the contrast is not high enough or maybe it's because the first one is "Coming soon", I just assumed all the others were coming soon as well.

    • At the end of your project, I missed some links to the following one, would be cool to be able to navigate without going back to the home page, or even contact you if I enjoyed what I read.

    • Finally, that's more personal, I think you could push your visual style a bit more, in the About section there's good opportunities or even inside the case studies when you introduce problems and data. We all quickly scan through the pages and don't have time to read it all. So it's the right time to introduce icons, illustrations, new text styles to make things shine and catch attention!

    Hopefully that will help you, good luck with your work!

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    • Eric BlattbergEric Blattberg, almost 5 years ago

      These are really great, detailed suggestions! Thank you so much. I made a number of changes already, including...

      • Moving the Olo (placeholder) card to the bottom of the stack
      • Moving the "About me" section below the project section
      • Changing the .white button class default style to have a more-prominent border, increasing visibility
      • Adding a "Next project" section beneath "Closing thoughts" section of each case study, reusing the cards from the homepage

      Will definitely think through some visual enhancements, especially to the "About me" section, which is pretty bare.

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