Why You Shouldn't Design Wireframes in Sketch(whimsical.co)

almost 5 years ago from Steve Schoeffel, Co-Founder at Whimsical

  • Steve SchoeffelSteve Schoeffel, almost 5 years ago

    Yeah, was going for more of the quick hitter / thought provoking type of thing (as in, wow, I never thought about how many low-level decisions I have to make just to put a button in my wireframes) but I see that fell pretty flat. I think the article you were probably expecting was this one: https://whimsical.co/design/fast-collaborative-wireframing-app/ which focuses more on us but also touches on some of the shortcomings of the other wireframing solutions out there. At any rate, thanks for the feedback. Will probably stick to the more in-depth, thoughtful types of posts going forward :)

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    • Marc Olivier LapierreMarc Olivier Lapierre, almost 5 years ago

      As someone who didn't really know Whimsical it felt weird but now that I played around with the tool, I get it. I still prefer the article you linked though.

      I personally don't think it's a replacement for Sketch but I could definitely see myself use it during workshops and ideation, especially with the addition of sticky notes and mindmaps. I see what you are going for and I like it so I'll keep a close eye on your development!

      The space of design tools is a though and crowded one nowadays. I wish you guys all the best and hope to see Whimsical grow in the years to come!

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