Announcing Framer X — React, meet design(

over 5 years ago from Krijn Rijshouwer, Product Designer at Framer

  • Bart S, over 5 years ago

    The post by Koen to the FB group says a whole lot more compared to the website. It all sounds pretty good, excited to see what the Framer team has come up with.

    ‘’’Hey Framer friends. For the last half year, we’ve been building a new product: Framer X. I’m happy to announce it today and that we’ll work as hard as we can to get it into your hands soon.

    The original goal of Framer was to help people express interactive ideas. Over the years we built Framer into a full-fledged design tool that supports the whole design process, but our tool also became two products in one. We’re going to fix this with a giant leap forward.

    Framer X will be more advanced than ever, using components to build entire interactive design systems based on React and ES6.

    Yet, it will be easier than ever for everyone to perform common design tasks like producing graphics, expressing responsive layouts, building flows, and setting up advanced scrolling. Plus a whole lot more.

    At Framer we’ve always believed that direct manipulation (canvas) and code could be mixed in a way to better express ideas. But we also want everyone to be able to use Framer and build on each other’s work. Framer X will get us very close to this and we can’t wait to show you how.

    Join our list to get early access, find out what’s in store, and help us ship —’’’

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    • Linton Ye, over 5 years ago

      Thanks for sharing Bart. This is a lot more informative. Sounds like they are switching from CoffeeScript to ES6/React?

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    • Brent C, over 5 years ago

      Really interested in pulling together the design and code sides of Framer into the same place. Lots of interesting ideas there.

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