The Squint Test: Making Your UI Better Since Today(

over 5 years ago from Erik Kennedy, Designer/Founder at Learn UI Design

  • Akshay ChauhanAkshay Chauhan, over 5 years ago

    Its sad people don't use Squint test designing content heavy pages or apps, a lot more than they should :P. Squint test makes CTA more prominent and reduce direct users eyes to pages that need interaction.

    I use this The Squint Test extension to bring squint effect on Chrome.

    The Squint Test Chrome extension

    Also you can further optimize that page by

    1. Increasing contrast between Seattle and the time by making font lighter than Regular or changing its sizes
    2. Introducing another lighter shade of grey
    3. Adding affordance to [Add a city] with a border.

    Again this is just some suggestions I gave skimming your blog post, context of the app matters as well as style guide specifications.

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