Design Thinking!

over 5 years ago from Pablo Stanley, Design at Blush

  • Kyle Y, over 5 years ago

    I certainly hope this is just a parody of how young designers often think and not a prescription for how they SHOULD think. If you find yourself trapped in this loop you should take it as a sign that you're lacking somewhere in the fundamentals. Taking wild stabs at changing color, spacing, typeface etc until you find something that looks good is not the way pro designers work.

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    • Pablo StanleyPablo Stanley, over 5 years ago

      Any insights on how PRO designers work? Thanks, Kyle.

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      • Kyle Y, over 5 years ago

        Hey Pablo (love your art). And sure! I would replace the "Will people realize I don't know what I'm doing" with "Research and back up my design decisions". I just reject the idea that a part of a designers thought process should be feeling like they don't know what they're doing. It's bound to be a part of a young designer's journey though, which was why I suggested maybe this is just a parody rather than a prescription.

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        • Pablo StanleyPablo Stanley, over 5 years ago

          Thanks for sharing, Kyle. Yeah, it's just a comic. It's a play on words with the term used by IDEO and the constant self-doubt some people like I experience. Not to be taken too seriously :)

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      • Scott ThomasScott Thomas, over 5 years ago

        I would say....

        1. Wow this new project is seriously my best work!!
        2. Sure, I can make these client changes..
        3. Wait more changes? I don't recommend doing this or this.
        4. Oh God! this this looks terrible!!!
        5. I give up... sure why not....
        6. Why did I chose this profession? repeat
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    • Dean HaydenDean Hayden, over 5 years ago

      That’s some debut comment!

      I’m sure that in this cartoon the designer tried a couple of different routes all of which where considered and not just wild stabs in the dark.

      We’ll never know for sure though.

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    • Oliver Swig, over 5 years ago

      Pro designers understand and rely on design fundamentals. They don't immediately go to Dribble or Inspiration websites to get(bite) ideas.

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    • Aaron Wears Many HatsAaron Wears Many Hats, over 5 years ago

      After like 15 years of doing this shit exclusively to pay the bills, I still sometimes find myself in a similar loop. Although I don't think it's quite far to label it as 'wild stabs', however... After enough time you start to have upfront knowledge about what might work, as opposed to just 'throwing darts at the colour picker'...

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