Design Thinking!

almost 5 years ago from Pablo Stanley, Design at Blush

  • Akshay ChauhanAkshay Chauhan, almost 5 years ago

    I know this is the feeling, after over 5 years of designing it happens more when designing simple things over complex things. And yes I do have my handy go-to visual design tricks.

    For anyone new here

    1. Fix the design grid.
    2. Use logical spacing ie. related heading and copy should be plced closer while other things further away.
    3. Have a set of go-to typefaces (look at font combinations with Google font for starters)
    4. Start from a grid and functional wireframe, Dribbble and Behance should come later(agency designers might sometimes prioritize presentation more than product designers).
    5. Fix those damn column widths and line heights. Make the content less of a cognitive overload.
    6. If still struggling, buy design magazines, books and study their layouts :P

    These are the foundations IMHO. Do whatever after that, go full on David Carson on it after that if you wish.

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