• Mihai VladanMihai Vladan, almost 5 years ago

    I started “coding” my own websites in macromedia flash back in the day and loved the simplicity of its tools and how easy it was to use action script.

    Made the transition to OOP in action script 3 and i was just starting to create more complex stuff when the iPhone hit the market and triggered the demise of the flash plugin.

    Since then i tried switching to html5, wordpress, php.. you name it. All of them had the same major issues :

    • rendering inconsistencies across browsers and Platforms. This one for me was the most baffling one. Why would you push for html5 when you know it’s fragmented as fuck on all platforms?

    • per browser custom codes and hacks for the really cool stuff to be supported

    • abismall animation tools. Almost 20 years ago, the creativity in web design was at an all time high with animations in flash and all its tools like : swift3d for vector animations. Swish Max for those crazy text . Beeing a flash designer meant you were doing : ui / ux / motion / sound / product / coding in a single job. Fast forward today and I see tools like Haiku that are trying to reinvent what existed back then.

    The closest I got to coding again is with Webflow. That tool is a godsend to designers like me, that dont want to debug console errors as to why in the fuck a flexbox column is not rendering correctly on Safari vs Chrome and other stuff like that.

    Did flash had its issues? Sure, nobody’s denying that, but even with all those issues it was way ahead of its time.

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