• Tyson KingsburyTyson Kingsbury, almost 5 years ago

    ok, here's goes.

    i 'get' code... I'm pretty immersed in it at my office....I'm surrounded by engineers etc... I'm just not that 'good' at it.

    I'm 46.

    I've been at this a LONG time now. I got started in design working at Ad-agencies back in the early 90's, and jumped over to web around 1999.

    When I first started in web design at a consulting firm, I told my boss at the time, hey...i'm totally down with learning to code if you need me to. his response 'that's cool, i appreciate that....but we have approx 50 dudes here with comp-sci and engineering degrees that do that all day long...thing is though, they SUCK at design....that's what i need YOU doing....'

    which was cool at the time, and i appreciated the humour of it...

    flash forward to now. I'm CD at a software company

    I've taken html/css courses, and I've done a very limited amount of coding....enough to to know that I'm not very fucking good at it. ...but...

    I'm pretty fucking good at design now.

    and my position is, i have the tools at this point to get what i want done pretty quickly..and if there's something beyond that?....i pass it off to one of the devs here to handle (because they're super fast, and crazy good at what THEY do...)

    • we handle out marketing site (for our software) on wordpress (easy enough to handle...i can do most of that with my marketing team) • SVG animations i can create on SVGator • all my UI/UX work i do on Figma, which is great for Dev handoff, as it has all the code they need...css/etc... • any html/web stuff i need to do, i generally use Blocsapp which does pretty much everything I need it to do....

    TL/DR between Figma, SVGator, Blocsapp, Wordpress (and my 25+ years or so doing photoshop) I'm pretty much able to do all i need to do with out busting out the code....

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