• Leonardo LanzingerLeonardo Lanzinger, almost 5 years ago

    Also designers that know a bit of code understand which sort of designs are easy or hard to build and are better at handing specs to other developers.

    As a "designer who codes" or a "coder who designs" (funny how we never mention developers who are familiar with the design process, but that's another story) I agree to that only to a very little extent, mostly when engineering UI elements for the web.

    But let's say that you are designing for an Android or iOS app: the 'bit' of HTML/CSS/JS code you know won't be very helpful to understand whether a component can be developed in Java or Swift.

    And what about UX design? Take a standard React app. You need a very deep understanding of React (and Javascript) to be able to judge whether a user flow you just designed is easy to implement or not.

    TL;DR just wanted to say that the benefit of coding as a designer are VERY VERY dependent on the context you work.

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