• Richard SisonRichard Sison, 5 years ago

    Hey mate,

    So a few things:

    • Quality of quantity: Aim for 5-8 of your strongest portfolio pieces which provide a good indication of the jobs you want to apply for. If you're applying for UX-related roles, make sure to provide details of the thought process, research and decisions that led to the end result (and what the results were if possible). If you're applying for visual roles, make sure the details stand out — though don't show every screen.
    • Format - PDF vs Website: This is a tricky one. When I was putting my portfolio together 10 months ago, it was the first portfolio I'd put together in 10 years. I assumed that the interview game had changed and websites were the norm. What I found out was that this wasn't really true (at least not in Australia). I ended up coding my own portfolio (which took a lot of effort) but all of the job applications had somewhere to upload a PDF — providing a link (especially a link with a password protection like mine) was actually more of an inconvenience than a PDF.

    TLDR: When it comes to portfolios, it's all about quality over quantity and in whatever format you're more efficient with.

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