• Brad FrostBrad Frost, 5 years ago

    Hi there! I'm the person that coined the term "atomic design". I created this vocabulary as a way for people (well, myself really) to think of UIs as thoughtful, hierarchical systems. I hope the general mental model is helpful even if the specific labels I chose aren't appealing. As I say in my book:

    “Atomic design” as a buzzword encapsulates the concepts of modular design and development, which becomes a useful shorthand for convincing stakeholders and talking with colleagues. But atomic design is not rigid dogma. Ultimately, whatever taxonomy you choose to work with should help you and your organization communicate more effectively in order to craft an amazing UI design system.

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    • Freckley FrecklesonFreckley Freckleson, 5 years ago

      Hey Brad. I apologise, my opinion is clearly uninformed and it was arrogant of me to diss your work when I know little about it, and especially when I have the choice to not use it. Atomic Design has clearly helped a lot of people build great systems and I’m going learn more about it before yabbering away.

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      • Mike MaiMike Mai, 5 years ago

        I don't see that as dissing. You are simply pointing out the flaws of its terminology. Like others have said, the concept is definitely great.

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