When to use wireframes and when not to

over 5 years ago from Thierry van Trirum, Designer for e-commerce

  • Thierry van Trirum, over 5 years ago

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts guys. What makes my situation a bit different (I think) is that the most projects that we do are redesigns of existing webshops. Most of these are either pretty standard B2B platforms or retailers. I find that these shops tend to have pretty straightforward flows and similar pages; home > category list > product > checkout. This flow is pretty much the same for every project.

    Another thing is that we don't do that much usertesting (I know, I know), because we don't really have a way to facilitate it and most clients don't want to pay for it. Last; it happens more than often that the client doesn't actually have a clue about who their target-audience is and what their wants/needs/goals are. Any tips on how to get this going are very welcome!

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