My new portfolio: Please give me feedback.(

over 5 years ago from Ray Besiga, Digital Product Designer

  • Josh PuckettJosh Puckett, over 5 years ago

    Olyota Ssebo! I spent a summer in Kampala :)

    Things Working Well

    • Clear information about you, personally
    • Nice project blurbs upfront
    • Clear testimonials

    Things to Improve

    • I wanted to learn more about your projects, and clicked on Tribe Kampala and was surprised when it opened a new window taking me to the actual live website. Knowing this is real work that shipped is great! But I was expecting to see a case study of what you did and what problem you solved.
    • No Projects contain iterations, or example work. Similar to above, but I was surprised that every link
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    • Ray BesigaRay Besiga, over 5 years ago

      Hey Josh! Gyendi Bulungi. Nsanyuse nyo kubanga oyogera oluganda!

      I am working to do a better job of presenting the project work, showing what the goal was, how it may have changed, how the project adapted to that, as well as the final product. Thanks for the feedback sebbo!

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