• Denis RojcykDenis Rojcyk, 5 years ago

    I believe I do.

    I've designed two smaller sized design systems for SaaS apps, as well as helped to design huge design system for Kiwi.com front end as well as our mobile apps. So ...

    I agree that the semantics of using words like atoms, molecules, and organisms isn't very clear for people who haven't read Atomic Design book. But as the book itself states, you can call it however you want. You don't have to be so explicit about it. If components and elements work for your environment, then use it without worry.

    The logic behind the naming convention resides in whether the thing can be broken down into something smaller. So if you have a form field with a label, you can separate them into atoms. Into two separate entities.

    What worked for me the best was adopting the logic for the three most basic levels. Atoms, molecules, and organisms (as mentioned before, you can call them however you want).

    • If you can't split something more, or make it more basic than you know you are dealing with an atom.
    • If you have two, three or more atoms together, it is a molecule.
    • If you have a molecule, with anything else (it doesn't necessarily have to be another molecule or an atom), you know you are dealing with an organism.

    The book follows with a higher level of abstraction for pages and others, but this usually gets complicated, and out of the scope, so I stopped using these for now and focus mainly on the three basic stages.

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