• Michael Schultz, 5 years ago

    It feels like there are tons of core features missing. Sketch e.g. was already kinda bad at typography features, but Studio isn't even there yet. A lot of workflow enhancements are simply not there (I don't know how detailed I can go here, given the NDA) and some design choices seem not yet to support the claim to be the best design tool there is. I hope it's getting there, I've been fanboying since the first announcement ;-)

    However, it's not ready for productive use. I've been giving it a shot today again (after the update) and it felt like the Adobe XD previews: I want to do something, but the tools seem to be missing or just don't work as smooth as in Sketch or Figma (using both here). I know, it's early access... but I am pretty disappointed by everything else than the prototyping features. That's a core feature, sure... but if it takes me twice the time to build what I want to animate it just doesn't work out. Maybe the team can elaborate on something like typography, layout/grids etc. ...

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    • Jonas Köpfer, almost 5 years ago

      @Michael I have to agree! For instance, how are component level states not a thing yet? This is such a dealbreaker!

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