Huge invites wave to Invision Studio

over 5 years ago from Wojciech Zieliński, UI/UX Designer

  • Marciano Planque, over 5 years ago

    Hey Diego. Thanks for giving Framer a try! Sorry to hear that you found it to be too time consuming to learn. I would be happy to help you get started. If you have some minutes then I would recommend watching Pablo Stanley's "Framer Crash Course"on YouTube, which should get you started in no time. If you could tell me what you +- are trying to create then I would happily help you get started. Let me know!

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    • Diego Beas, over 5 years ago

      Thanks @Marciano Planque Framer is a beast! Pablo Stanley is awesome! I was able to get the hang of it while I was following his crash course...but I got lost when I wanted to create my own projects from scratch.

      I finally got my Invision Studio invite, and I am liking it so far. The only thing is that I can’t view my prototype on my phone. @invisionapp

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