Huge invites wave to Invision Studio

over 5 years ago from Wojciech Zieliński, UI/UX Designer

  • Eugene Paryhin, over 5 years ago

    That's a myth. No issues with Figma performance. In fact, I feel it's even faster than Sketch.

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    • GOOD LUCKGOOD LUCK, over 5 years ago

      Well, it is funny how easy "marketing" can blur the truth for some people. Good for you.

      For me, the story is totally different. Every time I working in framer, there are multiple glitches, loading times, a real performance issues. Every single time, on really powerful machines.

      But, anyway.

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      • Parker Hutchinson, over 5 years ago

        What does that have to do with electron / react? As a developer myself, I am aware that application perf is different from application to application. It is not indicative to the platform. You run into perf issues on native applications too. When you say "multiple glitches, loading times," that has nothing to do with electron/react thats just bad coding on the platform. There are apps that have bad perf like Slack and in your case Framer. But then theres Discord and VSCode, explain those apps? It's really all about the quality of code and not the platform.

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      • Marciano Planque, over 5 years ago

        Hey there! Marciano from Framer here. Sorry to hear about you running into performance issues. I would be more than happy to go investigate and see if we can resolve these issues. Could you tell me more about these glitches and how I would be able to reproduce them? If you could drop a line here or send it to marciano (at) Framer (dot) com then I will take it from there. Thanks and have a great weekend :)

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    • Thomas Lowry, over 5 years ago

      Aside from initial load of project, Figma performance is noticeably more responsive than Sketch, just rapidly change zoom levels and you can see it. I switch back and forth between both all the time. In the latest version of Sketch it is particularly noticeable. Nothing to do with marketing blurring any truth.

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