UX Designers - How do you Spec?

over 5 years ago from Jean P, Interactive Designer

  • Jen Pearce, over 5 years ago

    I work with a team of 6 developers (split between iOS and Android). Since it is easier for 1 person to adapt instead of 6, I try to deliver specs in a way that works for them. Most of our design work is component-based at this point, so I am handing off specs for 1x atomic pieces, not necessarily entire screens. I make the specs in Sketch and use Sketch Measure or a key (agreed upon by the dev team) to denote spacing.

    Sometimes I add notes like "60%" for the width of something, since mobile screen sizes aren't absolute. From there, I put the specs into a Google Slides presentation that has all the other specs, notes, mockups, etc for our current release. I link that presentation into JIRA tickets. That way if things change, I can update the spec in one place (instead of digging through tickets). Added bonus: you get a slide deck of everything you changed during each release.

    Anything that gets used consistently and often is then moved to an overall style-guide that is hosted on Frontify. In theory, that is where the team would look for longstanding documentation. In reality, a lot of them have printed versions of specs that get referenced often (EX: a breakdown of our text styles).

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