UX Designers - How do you Spec?

over 5 years ago from Jean P, Interactive Designer

  • Tyson KingsburyTyson Kingsbury, over 5 years ago

    another vote here for Figma.

    We're about 70 odd people here at my company, and growing all the time.

    about half or so are involved in building our own software. The other half would be on the consulting side of the firm. (we build and market our own software, as well as consult on other projects near and far)

    there's plenty of times when teams are distributed far and wide and posting jpegs or sending out photoshop docs is just a broken mess of a solution. doesn't matter if you plug it into marvel or some other app to produce specs...

    with figma, you can do everything design-wise you would have done previously, but now you can share it easily with everyone...stake-holders, dev teams, etc... they have access to everything, size, colour, shape, images, css, all of it.... it can be the 'one-true-source' of truth for a project....

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