UX Designers - How do you Spec?

almost 6 years ago from Jean P, Interactive Designer

  • Jean P, almost 6 years ago

    I am Figma user since the beta days, and an evangelist of it, but did not ask anything about software.

    Working in a huge company like mine, 1000+, where devs are scattered around the globe you need to set up a design language. And big companies like mine are not keen on switching their process, they just need to ship right now, preferably yesterday and they don't really care how. I am taking the responsibility of setting a design system that I can build and maintain with the others. (see Polaris, Carbon, Atlassian, Nachos - design systems)

    The comments in this thread are just the quick fix and they won't work long-term.

    I just wanted to hear personal opinion in delivering to devs, and what findings you found in this process.

    If the devs work faster with CSS variables in building up a design system rather than showing them a jpeg of how to space things.

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