• Chrystalla Pieri, over 5 years ago

    Hey guys!

    The Proto.io team has been working on this awesome new product called Overflow - User flows done right.

    Overflow makes creating beautiful user flows an effortless task, leaving time to focus on what matters: communicating designs to get valuable feedback. Overflow diagrams can be previewed as a captivating presentation or a click-through rapid prototype to help designers tell the story behind their designs.

    We would love to hear your thoughts on it and don't forget to request an early access to beta.

    Looking forward to your thoughts :)


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    • Arul Imran, over 5 years ago

      This looks great. What are the file types supported by Overflow? Can we import Sketch files? How about Adobe XD?

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    • Account deleted over 5 years ago

      Why did you remove the proto.io branding? I was just about to close the tab and probably forget about the product. I'm just going back to the page and sign up just because I respect the proto.io -not to mention saved my ass countless times in tight delivery deadlines while the constant rain of changes bashing down from product managers. It's really amazing a web tool could able to withstand such heavy usage like a desktop app.

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