over 5 years ago from Thanasis Rig, UI Designer @European Commission

  • Andrew Hersh, over 5 years ago

    I get what they're going for.

    I wouldn't go there, though. The reason is, when I see that, it feels like they are just trying to find a clever way to save money on making a website because they're poor. If they're skimping on that, what else are they skimping on? Is my creamer going to be lumpy? Is the coffee stale? Are they trying to use a similarly-cheap method of pest control?

    Not even a picture of the place? I literally have to leave my house and travel there just to see whether or not there are rips in the chairs, no windows, cracked floor tiles? Too much work when there are 17 Starbucks on my commute.

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    • Ken Em, over 5 years ago

      If you know nothing about them and are unwilling to try out a local, independent business, why not take them at their word for now? This seems like a lot of negativity based on wild, made up speculation.

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      • Andrew Hersh, over 5 years ago

        It is based on speculation because that is all the website allows me to go on.

        That speculation is then based on what I've experienced at other places that cut costs.

        When you put this kind of thing out there, you give up your ability to have any input whatsoever upon the impression a person has of you.

        If you are not relying upon your website to bring in business, you can do something like this, and my feedback would be 100% different in that case.

        If you are simply putting up a website to be a piece of art on the periphery of your overall marketing efforts, then this kind of thing is not without merit.

        However, we haven't even been given an idea of what they POINT of the website is.

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        • Ken Em, over 5 years ago

          The point seems pretty clear to me. Hours and location. There doesn't need to be some huge grand plan. It's a page of simple information for a small coffee shop. If I want to see more, I'll look them up on Facebook, which took about five seconds to find.

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      • Andrew Hersh, over 5 years ago

        I genuinely hope you all jump on the bandwagon of what you apparently believe to be wonderful design, so all of my websites can quadruple their traffic and revenue.

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    • Account deleted over 5 years ago

      This is some classic designernews overthinking.

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    • Dean HaydenDean Hayden, over 5 years ago

      Imagine a business that thrived from walk-ins, word of mouth and a loyal local customer base. Yeah, that still happens.

      They’ve got an online presence, whilst not pretty, that does the job but I doubt much of their traffic (IRL btw) comes from search results.

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