Logos are overrated(youtube.com)

over 5 years ago from Pablo Stanley, Design at Blush

  • Edgar Chaparro, over 5 years ago

    yes, this is the worst advice ever... let's see what he said...

    • Simplify your logo so that it can be used universally
    • Ideas are not original so don't overthink the idea of being the first to do something. (disclaimer don't steal others work)
    • Use typefaces, forms, or objects that are quickly and easily understandable.
    • Use something that represents the company
    • Make sure your logo can be monochromatic.
    • make sure your logo works without trends that come and go like drop shadows and gradients.
    • My advice is don't overcomplicate it follow DESIGN PRINCIPLES keeping it legible, simple, and versatile. -Emphasis on branding
    • Emphasis on how it actually lives and interacts with your brand and the world over how it was created.

    hmmmmm..... yeah, yall are special lol.

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