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almost 6 years ago from Ennio D., Product Designer

  • Evan SchoepkeEvan Schoepke, almost 6 years ago

    I think Typeform 2.0 the product is great, this homepage not so much. Personally, I feel the colors are interesting and different, but the "strands" are odd, and like others have mentioned it does a poor job communicating to users what Typeform's product actually does. The irony here is that David Okuniev the co-founder of Typeform is one of the best designers that I have ever met and yet It seems they contracted with an outside agency to do most of this rebranding, why? The more I look at this homepage the more confused I am about their design choices. Oh, and also the hand-drawn circle motion icon is cool, especially when paired with their new motto "a little more human", but that motto isn't anywhere on the homepage or next to the icon like it is on their blog...?

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